Reset Human
Use the Reset button to bring the view of the body back to its original state.
Standard Mode
Use Standard Mode to navigate through the body with all anatomy visible.
Transparency Mode
Use Transparency Mode to see through the body with selected anatomy fully visible.
Isolate Mode
Use Isolation Mode to look at a selected object and hide the rest of the body. You can isolate more than one object with the multi-pick tool.
Single Pick Tool
Use the Single Pick Tool to select individual anatomy objects and view associated information.
Multi-Pick Tool
Use the Multi-Pick Tool to select more than one anatomy object at the same time. Try putting the system in Isolate Mode after you select a group of objects!
Dissect Tool
Use the Dissect Tool to hide anatomy to reveal underlying structures. Use Ctrl-Z to undo and Ctrl-Shift-Z to redo your actions!
Use the Pin Tool to label body parts and assign custom description. Be sure to save and share your custom view after you finish with the labeling!
Cross Section
Use the Cross-Section Tool to slice the Human anatomy by imaging planes.
Save the view on the screen and create your own library of custom content. You can make your content accessible to the public, your group, or keep it within your own private library!
Use the Snapshot Tool to capture your own images. Images can be downloaded or shared directly from the Human!
Assess your knowledge of Human anatomy with Interactive Quizzing. Be sure to enter your Profile information so you can see how you scores compare to your peers! .
Use the Human Screensaver mode to automatically fly through anatomy. Great for learning or use in a waiting area. Try pressing F11!